Find the Balance

stressWith social media literally everywhere you look, it is challenging to escape its grasp. When I went to school, there was no Google or Facebook, or ANYTHING. I had a Commodore 64 computer and thought I was hot stuff when I made the screen fill up with hearts.I went to the library to do my reports. I looked up my questions in a real, live encyclopedia.

I played outside every single day and came in when it started to get dark. I talked on the phone while I watched TV shows with my friends and dreaded the horrible sound of a busy signal.

I try to think back and see if there was a time-waster in my early years that rivaled that of getting sucked into the social media abyss.

The one thing I can think of is the TV. That was my social media connection growing up. Seeing commercials, watching television programs, and advertisements were what kept me in tune with the times I was living in.

Unfortunately, now I am consumed by television AND social media. I can do both on any phone, laptop, or tablet. With one or two swipes and a voice command, I can be connected to just about anything I choose.


Finding a balance for it all is the key to not losing your mind. Admittedly, I have not found that balance yet but do know when I have had enough. It is amazing to me that the thought of forgetting my phone sends me into a panic.

I might miss something.

In reality, I won’t. It will all be there when I get back. If my family needs to reach me, they have my work numbers and home number.

Connecting to my surroundings and being present in the moment with the people I love or am with is much more important than some person’s Facebook status that I haven’t talked to in 10 years. Much more important than crushing candy or bombing pigs with birds. Finding ways to not let technology take over your life!

Find ways to not let technology take over your life!


It Won’t Be Long Now

The seeds continue to sprout!

The awesome house coordinator printed out instructions for the children and staff to care for the seeds. The children help keep them watered and in the sunlight, so they grow to be the best they can be.

Sprouts and instruction flyer

In about two weeks, it will be time to transfer the vegetables and spices to the Tower Garden cups.

Once they are placed in the Tower Garden, there will be no stopping them!

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden? ~Robert Brault

Getting Ready!

Please support the Learning Gardens poster

Getting the poster and signage ready for a “hallway” fundraiser. The flyer has a bar code for people to scan and go right to the blog to read all about the project and the ways in which they can share their support.


A $1 donation will get the paper fruit/vegetable of choice hung up on our Giving Vine! (The same sentiment as when you purchase a sneaker for a walk-a-thon.)

Stay tuned for an update on our progress…


More than the Minimum

I experienced something remarkable two weeks ago. I was offered the chance to go on a road trip to Albany with the staff and students of Developmental Disabilities Institute’s Children’s Residential Program.

We headed to the Capitol to advocate for increased funding for Direct Support Professionals to help make Governor Cuomo’s proposed minimum wage increase possible for non-profit agencies serving those with special needs.

You can read about our efforts here:

More than the Minimum

Courtesy of

You can also take a look at the brief video of the amazing journey we went on:

Courtesy of



Learning Gardens

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Learning Gardens Blog!

It is here that I will share information about autism and Developmental Disabilities Institute’s Children’s Residential Program as well as campaign for The Learning Gardens, which is a project to raise funds for two vertical-standing Tower Gardens that will offer the children living in the CRP the ability to experience the wonder and science of cultivation as tiny seeds grow to thriving, delicious foods.

The space-saving Tower Gardens will also help the children improve upon and gain new skills. This purchase will afford them the chance to learn in yet another way as they build on their knowledge of teamwork, environmental awareness, science, seasons/cycles, self-awareness, and responsibility.

Thank you so much for stopping by and being a part of this journey!